Creating the perfect office environment

Whether you work from home, or in a corporate office, the environment does impact your mood and your productivity. Here are some things to consider when reviewing your office space.

Finding the perfect job is one thing, but what if you arrived for your first day at the perfect job and found that the office space was dark, dull and drab? You probably wouldn’t walk straight back out the door, but it’s hard to see how this is the best environment to get your creative juices flowing.

Whether you work from home, or in a corporate office, the environment does impact your mood and your productivity. Here are some things to consider when reviewing your office space.

Let there be light!

Business News Daily outlined “4 ways to improve your office’s work environment”. Of those, creating more natural light is a critical factor to consider when designing, or redesigning, your office space. Be strategic about placement though. Make sure that the light doesn’t reflect onto computer screens and make it even more difficult to get work done. With that said, natural light will make a significant difference to any office space and certainly make it feel more inviting. A good desk lamp can improve the look of your work space as well as reduce eye strain and headaches.

Tools of the trade.

Now that we’ve resolved the darkness issue and there’s enough light to safely find your way to your desk, take the time to get it set up in a way that truly suits your needs. You may find that you need more storage space somewhere else in the office, so your workspace remains clutter free. If, like me, you still enjoy using a pen and paper to write a to-do list or edit your work, you’ll need to ensure you have space on your desk for this as well.

Make it personal.

Once you’ve settled in, don’t forget to make it your own. Personalise your desk area by choosing your own stationery that you love and motivates you to get (and stay) organised! I can’t go past a good trip to Kikki-K to pick out some great matching pens, journals, folders and calendars – also totally looking forward to my Carrie & Co Perfectly Planned Planner to arrive for 2019!

Remember you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your office, wherever it may be, so think about what you want to look at all day. Before you go too crazy with your family photos and personal collection of bobble heads, check your organisation’s policy on displaying personal items. While we may not agree with these policies, we have to respect them.

If allowed, get some beautiful photo frames and put up some photos of your favourite holidays and your family. You might also want to have a mood board around you to keep you motivated and inspired.

Take a load off.

Finding the perfect office chair has always been a challenge for me. I prefer not to have a chair on wheels so that I can have a gorgeous rug underneath. If you’re looking for inspiration, West Elm have an excellent selection of stylish office furniture and cosy rugs. If you have the space, you might also want to have a separate area with a more comfortable reading chair that you can move to when you need to escape your screen for a while. And this is some ergonomists encourage!

Depending on how you work, you may also want to consider a standing desk, or at least an alternative that can turn your standard desk into a standing desk. On average, Australians have a very sedentary lifestyle, so it’s important to take any chance we can to get up out of our (very comfy) chairs.

Finishing touches.

For me, an office wouldn’t be complete without some flowers (fresh preferably), a nice green plant (fake preferably – I wish it to survive longer than a day!) and an aromatic candle. Check out Natural Home Co. for some beautiful items that will really finish off your space, including gorgeous organic candles and the perfect water bottle to keep you hydrated! Even better, if your office is home to some furry friends like mine is, Natural Home Co can help with that too.

An office should be a place that you are happy to go to and feel inspired while you’re there. Think about what works best for you and create the perfect space to go with the perfect job!

Written by Bec McCoan, Business and Client Manager, @mulberry_seed_cf and @purplepatch_coaching

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